Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges (OICE) is the functional agency responsible for implementing foreign policies and coordinating international cooperation and exchange affairs of Jinling Institute of Technology (JIT). OICE is mainly responsible for international resources building, policy control, foreign affairs management and service, etc.

Main work contents of OICE include:

1. Responsible for the development planning of international cooperation and exchanges, the drafting of foreign affairs related rules and regulations, and the summary and report of the promotion degree of education internationalization in JIT;

2. Responsible for the liaison and communication between JIT and overseas universities, academic research institutions, enterprises, friendly people and overseas alumni;

3. Responsible for the international education, science and technology and academic cooperation and exchange of JIT, coordinating the foreign affairs activities, and providing consultation and service for the international cooperation of teaching and research of the colleges and departments in JIT;

4. Responsible for the construction and negotiation of Sino-foreign cooperative programs running, student joint cultivation, student exchange and other kinds of international cooperation and exchange projects, as well as the coordination, management and service of project implementation process;

5. Responsible for the organization and liaison of staff training and further study abroad for official affairs, application and approval, passport and visa processing;

6. Responsible for the review and centralized management of various intercollegiate foreign cooperation and exchange agreements;

7. Responsible for the training of foreign affairs knowledge for foreign-related units and personnel, and assist relevant departments to doexternal publicity and foreign-related confidentiality work;

8. Responsible for the identity management of foreign faculty and staff, assist them to apply for Chinese visas and residence permits, and do a good job in the management and service of foreign experts after they enter the school;

9. Responsible for the recruitment, enrollment, residence management and service of long-term and short-term foreign students;

10. In accordance with the development of JIT and complete other tasks assigned by the superior departments.